Tour Lausitz

Am Ende Landschaft

"Lausitz, Am Ende Landschaft", Can Kurucu, Video, 15:40 min, 2022

The protagonist of the tour was Großräscher See, a former open-cast mine that has been flooded since 2007. Because the water level does not reach the necessary height, the area has become neither the planned renaturalised landscape nor the recreational area envisioned to give the region, undergoing a process of structural change, a new economic "meaning". The shores around the lake are considered unstable; the groundwater which used to be pumped out the mines for decades, missing. The new landscape remains an abstraction, illusory. Can Kurucu's video follows significant moments of the tour along Mercedes Villalba's long poem "Loving you before Love was invented". The poem spoke of a journey into the interiors of Argentina, of lithium mining and the effects of lithium on the human body and its perceptions, as well as of the technical tools of modern "navigation".
Landscape and geography tell their own stories, but always also those of other places. The weakened water of Lake Großräschen, which has to be artificially enriched on site to meet minimum water quality standards, became a recipient and articulated medium with and through which to communicate in the in situ intervention and live performance by knowbotiq.

With: Aurora Castillo, Constanze Fischbeck, Elizabeth Gallon Droste, knowbotiq (Yvonne Wilhelm, Christian Huebler), Pablo Torres, Mercedes Villalba, The Driving Factor, und Tour-Teilnehmer*innen.